Alexis Sanchez to feature in the game played in Norwich

In the opinion of Thierry Henry, to select Alexis Sanchez to feature in the game played in Norwich wasn’t a right call on part of Arsenal management.

Sanchez had sustained slight niggle playing versus Dinamo Zagreb earlier in the week.

Still, the boss Arsene Wenger didn’t see any risk in persisting with the Chilean striker and put him out there to start on Sunday.

It did not turn out to be a wise move as Sanchez started struggling with his hamstring at around an hour mark and had to leave the pitch.

Thereafter, in the post match interview, Wenger hinted that it would probably not be possible for Sanchez to comeback soon and the Gunners would have to do without him for a few weeks.

Speaking on TV as a pundit, Henry clearly expressed his disagreement with that decision.

In the words of the France legend, “Alexis was on national duty, he had a long journey back and he played straightaway after that the other day in that Dinamo game.”

“It was Champions League and thus, it was fair enough, although I reckon he should not have played a full game there either, but, for this one, he had to be rested for sure.”

“The player would tell you that he’s alright to play. That’s his job and he has to be up for it all the time. But, there is no need to go to him and ask how he’s feeling. If as a manager, you reckon he has a lot of workload, you just have to tell him that he is to be rested, plain and simple.”
“However, I can understand Arsene’s point of view. He’s aiming for League trophy and thus, he had to push for a win. So, he went with his strongest XI.”