Board Update: May 2011

OUTSTANDING DEBT REDUCED TO $10,350.00. Decision made by Board that players with outstanding balances will not be allowed to play in State Cup or Region Cup events unless they have set up a definitive payment plan with VAYSA.

NEW SPONSORS: Dominos Pizza – Craig Silverberg and Plumbing By Hart – Thank you to our sponsors!

Plans are in place to extend the clubhouses covered area, and add concrete. To provide safety to all in case of inclement weather.

The Boys Scouts – thanks to Jim Savage – will be helping us provide wheel chair accessible sidewalks from the parking lot to The Lasorso Clubhouse. Plus they will be installing three flag poles, 1) US Flag 2) Florida State Flag 3) VAYSA Flag. This will add to our commitment to helping all people to attend games, and instill a sense of pride in our country, state and our soccer organization.