Franck Ribery helped Munich Win many Titles

Franck Ribery joined Bayern Munich back in 2007 and the French winger has gone off to win a number of major with the German club including: The Champions League trophy and the Bundesliga title on 4 occasions.

Bayern Munich is considered to be one of the most dominant best clubs in the planet and Franck Ribery plays a huge role in the team in the club he joined some time ago. At the age of 31, Ribery is reaching an age where it’s time to start considering what to do in the last few seasons of his professional playing career.

The French player revealed what it has been to make a move from France to Germany as he stated that Bayern Munich is like a second home to him and everything has been spectacular for him not only in the football aspect but also in his personal life as he bought a house and it’s also the place where his son was born.

“I’ve been here for almost eight years. Bayern and I are like a married couple. I bought us a house here. My son was born here. I raised my daughters here. They speak better German than me: articulate and grammatically perfect.”Ribery said as he explained what it has been for him since joining Bayern Munich in 2007.

Even with everything that has happened with Ribery in Bayern Munich, it seems doubtful if the player is going to spend the last few years of his career playing with the German team as it’s not easy having to keep up with the rest of his younger teammates and the opponents that he will have to face not only in the Bundesliga but also in the Champions League.

Making a move to an atmosphere and a league where the pressure of performing at a high level isn’t as great is something that experienced players are doing more often and Franck Ribery has not discarded his option of moving to the MLS.

“I could play for another club in Europe but my heart is beating too much for Bayern. But I could imagine going to the U.S., Qatar or Dubai for a new experience.”Ribery added on.