With 2 matches left in the Football League Championship, clubs in that league are trying to conclude the season on a high note and this is something that Leicester City certainly has managed to do as they have already been crowned as the champions.

Leicester City’s victory against Bolton Wanderers was enough for them to secure the Championship trophy after what has been a superb season for the team of Nigel Pearson.

Sir. Peter Alfred Soulsby is the mayor of Leicester and he will be personally congratulating the players for their recent accomplishment and the 65 years old politician also confirmed that a parade will be held in honor for the club.

“We want people in Leicester to be part of the celebrations. An open-top bus tour will definitely be part of that but I will leave it to the club to reveal the rest.” The major told the duitsland portugal odds website.

Leicester City will be promoted to the Premier League as they have a tough task ahead of them, having to play against the best teams in England. This league victory ends the 34 years long dry spell from which they were unable of lifting the league title.

It surely has been a memorable season for Nigel Pearson and his squad as they have not only earned their promotion ticket to the Premier League but it was accomplished in a stunning fashion. City broke the club record for the most league victories in single season with their 29th win against Bolton Wanderers on April 22.

Nigel Pearson became the first Leicester City coach on leading the club to 2 league title as he had already pushed the squad to success a few years ago when they won the League One and earned their promotion to the Championship League and this time around they will be performing in the Premier League.