Franck Ribery in an interview recalled his bust-up with his teammate Arjen Robben in 2012.

The player – who is set to retire in about a year – said the clash with Robben made their partnership better.

Ribery had been at the club for two years before Robben arrived, as he had moved from Olympique Marseillein 2007. The Netherlands international joined from Real Madrid but they quickly became an amazing pair that worked in the favour of Bayern Munich.

During their time together, they have won one Champions League, six Bundesliga titles, five DFB Pokals, a FIFA world Cup title,and a UEFA Super Cup title.

Bayern met with Madrid in 2012 in the Champions League semifinal. Both players were involved in a heated verbal clash after Robben seemed to dish out orders at his teammate to allow Toni Kroos – who then was with the German champions – take a free kick in the injury time of the first half.

“It was really a shame. We’ve played together for such a long time and experienced so much together. Actually, it doesn’t tell the whole story, actually it is really just one incident in eight years. We are two great players with big names but I think Arjen and I always got on well,” Ribery said.

Captain Philip Lahm and others joined in calming them, but not after Ribery had punched Robben in this eye. He later apologized for his actions and accepted a fine. The team eventually saw off Madrid after a penalty shootout.

They went close but Chelsea defeated themin the final through penalty shootout in Munich – a very painful memory for the club. Both sides are set to meet in the quarter finals in April, and it has been tough to predict likely winners.