Harry Kane Assures To Return To Top Form

The Tottenham star Harry Kane recently hit back at critics with a lot of positivity and confidence. The star did score twice in initial 6 matches of the Spurs but felt the effects of England’s captain who was at the semi-finals of the world cup. Mauricio Pochettino did receive calls to drop Kane so as to give him some rest. But, Kane chose not to give up. He had 3 goals in the last 2 games and 5 goals in this season.

As per Kane, when you have high standards set in mind and you fail to achieve it partially, people will defiantly talk and criticize. But there is no escape to this especially when you are playing a popular sport. People will talk and make stories but this doesn’t worry Kane at all. He is totally focused on himself and his team. He knows that’s required to hit their top form. During the beginning of the season, you mostly feel your back but he is getting fitter every time. Kane being a striker always targets at goals and achieve victory but he is currently only focusing on himself. He wants to ensure that he works hard and recovers totally to focus on nothing but the goals. Kane did not show any signs of worry as he knows he has been giving his best for the last 4 years and certainly knows what it takes to be the best even in your worst.

Harry Kane zipped up his fleece to step out at the training ground of Tottenham Hotspur and helped his teammate Michael Vorm and Mousa Dembele to plant a tree. This is one of the best ceremonies that he loves and appreciates which brings some positive perspective to his profession. It is first out of 16 saplings that Spurs have been nurturing to mark the number of players that fell in 1st World War. Spurs are one of the 63 clubs that has been planting trees.

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